Storing your Bitlocker Recovery Passwords in Active Directory? Now you can easily audit them! Cobynsoft’s AD Bitlocker Password Audit gives you a quick overview of the status of your current password recovery capabilities. Supports computers with multiple keys, including Bitlocker to Go

Do your end-users forget to change their passwords before they travel? Did their domain password expire? Don’t compromise your security by communicating a new password across insecure channels. Use the Cobynsoft’s AD Password Extender to extend your user’s password expiration when they are traveling without changing their password.

Did you accidentally delete a computer or user from Active Directory? Now you can use Cobynsoft’s AD Object Recovery to easily recover “Tombstoned” Active Directory objects such as user, computer, group, and other objects. Supports recovery of all object attributes and Bitlocker Recovery Passwords in a domain with the Active Directory Recycle Bin enabled.

Having to perform emergency server or network maintenance? Having challenges alerting the staff in a timely manner? With Cobynsoft’s AD Messenger you can send messages to any AD computer on the LAN or across the WAN to instantly inform your staff.

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